Bohemian glass: the reasons for the popularity of mteriala and its advantages


Beautiful dishes on the table have always been an indicator of the status of the owners of the house.

In ancient times, the rulers did not only pay special attention to the serving. Expensive cups were a reward for distinguished vassals.

Modern people also tend to decorate the table with perfect and practical dishes. Now the presence of crystal from the Czech Republic is a subject of lively discussion by the guests.

The purchase of crystal is not only a status event, but also an indicator of wealth. It is noted that the price of Bohemian glass products exceeds the cost of analogues.

Why Bohemian glass is expensive

The famous brand, long-term quality and the use of expensive materials play into the hands of the manufacturer. In addition, the demand for products does not fall over time. The situation is developing in a diametrically opposite direction.

The composition of bohemian glass includes:

  • lead oxide;
  • barium oxide;
  • silver;
  • calcium.

Each of the components gives Bohemian crystal its own characteristics. For example, because of the lead content, the products of Czech glass blowers are heavier in weight. Silver allows you to manifest the» voice » of the characteristic ringing of dishes. Barium contributes to the transparency of the glass. Calcium helps you become stronger.

Distinctive features of Bohemian glass

It is believed that if you can hear the «singing» coming from the product, this is a sign of real glass from Bohemia. It is worth remembering that some types of these dishes do not make sounds. This applies to bulky things like vases and salad bowls. However, even without ringing, there are options to determine the real crystal. It is enough to carefully visually examine the object of dishes.

Criteria for determining transparent-Bohemian dishes. The product must not contain:

  • mechanical damage;
  • air bubbles;
  • muddy areas;
  • inclusions.

If the dishes are smooth, then the sunlight passes through them easily. Highlights similar to a rainbow create only the edges of the edges and legs.

The product, with an openwork surface, falling under the light source, spreads an iridescent pattern of reflections. The effect of refraction of the rays spreads throughout the room.

Another distinctive feature of the Bohemian glassblowers is the number of seams. In this dish, it is minimal. In addition, each product of the masters is marked with the brand of the manufacturer. You need to look for it in the most inconspicuous places. The sign is placed on the bottom of the glass or woven into the pattern.

Common color schemes used in Bohemian glass

Green, blue, and red colors are usually used. Shades differ in saturation. Most often, the color contains streaks. For example, green dishes resemble malachite. Sometimes in retail outlets you can see dishes of a mixed type. This is when the product is blown clear, and then played on the top with painted glass, creating a pattern.

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