What are the most popular Bohemia Crystal glasses


Bohemian glass became famous in the Middle Ages. They made dishes from it, decorated interiors with it, created chandeliers.

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The main distinguishing feature of Bohemian glass is its high quality. Thanks to the initial materials and a well-thought-out manufacturing process, completely transparent products are obtained at the output, without turbidity or foreign impurities, extraneous shades. Additional application of paint, notches, give objects sophistication, unique charm.

When crystal glasses touch, they emit an original sound, which is a symbol of the holiday, and creates an appropriate atmosphere. The dishes preserve and convey the taste and smell of drinks well, preserving all their characteristics and aftertaste. It is this factor that attracts most of all true wine connoisseurs. Due to its qualities, Bohemian glassware is used for tasting.

Over time, the value of crystal glassware only increases, the cost increases many times over. The presence of sets for wine and other drinks increases the status of their owner.


Among the glasses and wine glasses, there are several options for dishes that are suitable for different drinks:

Containers with a wide bottom, where the vessel tapers slightly upward. Designed for red wine, because the wide neck allows the drink to breathe and convey the sophistication of the bouquet. The volume is from 260 to 350 ml

The glasses for white wine are narrower than those for red. Here, the bottom is also slightly wider than the neck. This is due to a decrease in aromas and an increase in the taste of these types of drink. The stem is longer so that the wine does not heat up from the hands. The volume of the dishes is smaller, it can hold from 180 to 210 ml.

The wide coupe de champagne glass is designed for sweet and semi-sweet sparkling wines. It has the largest circumference and is used to create a pyramid at receptions and parties.

For most other types of champagne, including the most expensive varieties, a long and narrow flute glass is used. This shape allows you to better convey the bouquet of wine, keep air bubbles in the drink longer.

Tulip glasses are used to serve collection varieties of sparkling wines. In this case, the shape mimics a tulip flower.

Tasting glasses have a short bowl, a wide neck, and a high stem. Designed to determine the taste and aroma of drinks.

Also in the assortment of Bohemia Crystal there are dishes for spirits and cocktails.

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